Die Denkfabrik. We’re experts in consulting, innovation, training, engineering
The future begins as a creative construct in our mind, develops into a virtual scenario and finally becomes reality. This process requires an experienced, motivated and creative workforce specialized in applying design thinking skills to create innovative, economically viable solutions. We are continuously exploring new ways of approaching a problem and embody a culture of thinking outside the box.

Nothing is more irritating to us than being average and nothing gives us more inspiration than our pursuit of the absolutely best solutions. Nothing is more rewarding than the commercial success of our solutions, nothing more exciting than the solidity of the results we achieve. Die Denkfabrik Gruppe is a highly innovative family business with 35 years of industry expertise. We develop user-centric solutions in multidisciplinary teams through a combination of creativity, expert knowledge and divergent thinking.

Client and user are always at the center of the solution. As one of the first consulting firms in Europe we are using the ‘Design Thinking’ approach developed at Stanford University in California for innovative problem-solving in a diverse range of applications.

The ever faster innovation cycles in the development of technology require the ability to think flexibly, creatively and systematically while being focused at the same time on value creation and the development of new processes and better products. Die Denkfabrik (Denkfabrik = think tank) connects such individuals in a landmark eco-friendly office building near the University of Bremen. Despite embracing and implementing cutting-edge technologies, Die Denkfabrik combines great client service with high performance and a personal touch, lacking bureaucratic structures, strict layers of hierarchy or silos. Teamwork is absolutely vital and essential to Die Denkfabrik.

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