Creativity is a vehicle, not an end in itself. We are practical thinkers that innovate close to the market, and we create innovation engagement programs for the real business world.

We work with a pool of numerous innovation and creativity techniques in the areas of Design Thinking and Human Centered Design (HCD), which we compliment through established research techniques and management models. We see ourselves as mediators of convention and innovation, with decades of experience in developing and engineering innovative products, services, technologies and strategies.

Innovation arises from a creative, application-specific combination of matching methods, experimental development of new approaches and professional and tangible theoretical background. We inspire creative and productive thinking. Our workshops and consulting services provide a clear and tangible value for your company and your employees.

Die Denkfabrik thrives on interdisciplinarity: Our unique workshop formats are based on several decades of experience in the development of innovative products, services, processes and strategies. Holistic Innovation arises therefore much easier – it consists of four interconnected components: customer appeal (desirability), technical feasibility (feasibility), economic viability (marketability) and social acceptability (sustainability). The expression of these components is individual for each solution and can be influenced if desired by the chosen methodology. We want to inspire new forms of doing through our methodology and help you enrich your business continuously with successful ideas.

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