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In the office building of Die Denkfabrik Gruppe,  the architect squared the circle by combining eco-friendly architecture with a timelessly elegant and unconventional design. While our advanced ventilation system supplies the building with fresh air, 600 square meters of green roofing take care of cooling it in the summer.

In the winter waste heat from a nearby industrial plant is recycled to maintain optimal room temperature. The rooftop garden and our large, richly planted garden supply fresh oxygen which is then channelled into the building. The 360° Solar panels on the rooftop supply more than 5 Megawatt hours of eco-friendly solar energy every year. Welcome to the first eco-friendly office building in the city-state of Bremen.

Everyone working here values saving energy and resources and preserving the planet. Technology and materials have been selected based on ecologically sound principles – making it the first ecologically conscious office building in Bremen. Those brave enough to take the lead in future tech- nology will be the first to capture its benefits.

The unconventional combination of modern and eco-friendly aspects are the expression of our company culture: State-of-the-art solutions are not just as something we recommend to our clients, but something we use for ourselves. Die Denkfabrik has a tradition of being a first-mover and role model.The same applies to our understanding of quality: Only by implementing high quality processes for ourselves, we can manage them professionally and convincingly for our clients.

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