‘Most impossible things have never been attempted’ (Johann W. v. Goethe)

After more than 35 years of company history we find ourselves at the beginning of a new stage. With technological change, new challenges arise. We continuously face changes and new tasks. Die Denkfabrik is a showcase of innovative entrepreneurship. Nothing is more convincing than satisfied clients and motivated employees. Nothing is more convincing than over 30 years of experience. After all, is anything more convincing than a role model? After majoring from university with a diploma in Engineering and during his scientific research at a renowned Institute of the Technische Universität Braunschweig (Germany) – one of the nuclei of the so-called ‘Konstruktionsmethodik’ – Dr.-Ing. Günther W. Diekhöner established his own office for systematic product development and methodology consulting, shortly named PM. The field of ‘Konstruktionsmethodik’, i.e. innovative technical design – a new development of the 1960’s – was a groundbreaking innovation of technical science. This revolutionary business idea in 1976 developed over the years, became more dynamic and still forms an important part of Die Denkfabrik Group today.

Die Denkfabrik Group is the only institution apart from university research groups that has been implementing the ‘Konstruktionsmethodik’ methodological toolbox for more than 30 years. The business segment of technology consulting (PM) was complemented in 1984 with the foundation of an institute for advanced management training, since the pending project work showed that the successful introduction of new technologies required support, such as ‘trainings on the job‘. In 1990 a third business area was added with the ARTES Entwicklungs GmbH (ARTES Development), namely research and development. This development was triggered through the growing demand for a thorough product and process development service with high innovation content. Starting from April 1992, all three businesses were situated in the “Centrum Innovativer Produktentwicklung”, the center for innovative product development.

On December 20th, 1996, another new chapter of company history was written: The first eco-friendly office building in Bremen was officially inaugurated and subsequently named “Die Denkfabrik” in July 1997. From that point on, the new corporate design unified the three branches of technology consulting, research and development and training in one name. Since the Autumn of 2009 two new areas – Managementberatung (Management Consulting) and Medien und Kommunikation (Media and Communication) – complement the service portfolio of DD Die Denkfabrik Gruppe with two additional business areas.







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