Improvement through change
Management Consulting is the third major pillar of services offered by Die Denkfabrik. Management Consulting supports firms in the development of a superior organizational strategy, an area of crucial importance in building a substantial competitive advantage. Thanks to its extensive know-how and experience in both fields, Die Denkfabrik is able to lead enterprises into a successful future by taking into account a combination of technological and management factors.

This interplay of these two fields of expertise opens up exciting, new perspectives. Outstanding Mangement Consulting involves close contact with the entrepreneur. Die Denkfabrik supports firms that find themselves amidst a growth period, expansion or transformational change and face the need to realign their objectives. Our team produces optimal solutions – perfectly adapted to various entrepreneurial targets and differing scenarios – in areas such as business expansion and restructuring, the discovery of potentials for cost-savings, business brokerage, corporate finance or the appointment of successors.

Our portfolio of Management Consulting services:

Quick-Check/Status Quo Evaluation
Management Control
Post Merger Integration
Business Brokerage
Selection of Successors
Business Appraisal
Corporate Finance

Our inherent passion for problem solving, combined with a practical perception of reality and decades of experience, enables us to conduct a qualitative and meaningful analysis of almost any management related situation. We analyze markets, strategies, perspectives and opportunities and help firms to sustain their compe- titive advantage. Equally, we support you during the most crucial moments. After all, a measure is only as good as it is consequently, competently and sustainably implemen- ted. A sophisticated strategy only fruits if it strikes roots within the company – as interim managers we guide restructuring efforts as well as transformational change.

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