Always one step ahead

Die Denkfabrik connects the present and the future, operating at the interface of the academic and business world. We always stay in touch with reality, pick up impulses from science to solve practical problems and liberate products and manufacturing processes from the ties of established methods. We’re highly knowledgeable and passionate about transforming ideas into innovative, competitive and impactful technological solutions. Thanks to an intelligent technical design approach that combines systematic design and German engineering excellence with intuition, every single part of a solution is tested in real circumstances and against alternative approaches in a highly systematic fashion. In the process, it is not always necessary to re-invent the wheel: Die Denkfabrik can source from a large pool of existing solutions stored in its IT.

Hardly anything ages faster than today’s technology. The extremely fast pace of technological change requires flexibility and know-how to figure out the perfect stragetic market position for a product. The first step of the so-called concept phase, hence, is composed of detailed analysis and extensive research:

How is the product positioned in the market?
Where is the competition?
What is the international technology standard?

The initial concept and research phase builds the project foundations. Die Denkfabrik has access to over 5.000 databases worldwide for the purpose of researching patents, trade mark rights and technical criteria. From a detailed description of the status quo, we subsequently filter future product development principles that guide the R&D process. A strategy piece defines the prospective market segment as well as the desired and feasible type of technological innovation – be it a step, stretch or leap. After all, the quality and success of a product is principally defined by how much value it adds for the customer.

Our systematic product and process optimization (SPO) is structured as follows:

Conceptual phase

Process Costs

Design phase


Our solutions

are substantially less expensive,
functionally better and
of significantly higher quality.

Functional analysis

The focus of our work is to create perfect functionality: We do not just realize what‘s technically possible, but focus on the client’s ideas and wishes. At the same time, all parts of our solutions are tested for their cost efficiency: Flaws are eliminated and the project is optimized to perfection. Analysis, strategy, function and process costs precede the subsequent development phase. In close collaboration with our clients, the separate project stages are assessed and appropriate solutions selected. A three-dimensional, animated visualization enables e.g. a vivid display of the new product even before a model has been built.

At this point, however, our competence is not exhausted: Our clients can count on our help with various processes before and after the introduction of the product into the market – for example the assessment and selection of suppliers, cost calculation for parts from external suppliers, or the support of production and assembly.

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