Thinking outside of the box
We implement change exclusively through functional intervention. Not only do we develop superior processes, products, services and production methods, we are alos capable of planning entire factories from scratch to the highest quality standards. Our mind is unlimited, there are no dead ends and no barriers. Technological advancements are often the secret to a company’s success. Die Denkfabrik helps firms to take advantage of this secret for themselves. Innovations and new technologies can only be developed by critical thinkers providing individual solutions instead of ready- made approaches; those that tackle creative challenges with courage and passion. 

Die Denkfabrik takes a look at all aspects of the process chain. Simply scratching the surface, focusing on parts of a process instead of the whole, or rushing through a certification process may result in short-term, but certainly unsatisfactory outcomes. The alteration of core processes is not realized properly by radical destruction of the existing structures. Rather, effective change is achieved by combining old and new structures smoothly and efficiently.

Our Technology Consulting Portfolio:

Consulting for the implementation of integrated management systems
Company-individual workshops
Coaching for internal process optimization

As a result, a bundle of advantages can be realized for your business, such as:

Substantial cost savings,
The successful and economically viable implementation of cutting-edge technology,
High acceptance of your products and services in the market and
Holistic quality appreciation
Management systems, e.g. for quality, environmental protection, safety at work, data security, risk minimization, etc. are no rigid list of regulations. In order to be effective, they have to be actively and autonomously implemented in the firm. Norms, when interpreted correctly for your firm, are not just an annoying bureaucratic necessity but natural beha- vioral patterns planted into the firm’s daily routine. As a result, our clients receive a self regulating Management System tailored precisely to their needs. The certificate plays only a marginal role in the process.

Of course, an integrated management system is also one of the core parts of our entrepreneurial activity. We chose this approach when the market still pointed in a different direction. In 1993, Die Denkfabrik was the first Technology Consulting firm in Europe to become certified after DIN EN ISO 9001.In 1995, a complementary environmental management system was introduced. In relation to our new futuristic building, we combined these two management systems – without bureaucracy and tons of paperwork. In 1997, Die Denkfabrik was honored by the ASU, a German entrepreneur association, with the award „Environmentally sensitive corporate governance 96/97“. As a follow-up to this award, Die Denkfabrik integrated data privacy, data safety and the minimization of risks thoroughly into its existing management system.

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