“Die Denkfabrik – a think tank full of creative ideas documenting cutting-edge performance; one can literally feel the expertise behind it. We owe many practical suggestions to Die Denkfabrik. For example, Dr. Diekhöner and his team effectively supported us in the design and implementation of a Quality Management System. I like to say that they were our ‘driving instructor’ for the ISO 9000 standard. The Quality Management System has effected holistic change in our company: Procedures are continuously scrutinized and improved, such that our quality is excellent at all times.”

Conrad Naber, Nabertherm Industrieofenbau GmbH+Co. KG

“Die Denkfabrik – such a name provokes a high expectancy towards Dr. Diekhöner and his team. The intense collaboration of Atlanta Group and Die Denkfabrik for a period of several years – including, among others, professional trainings – impressively demonstrated the expertise and enthusiasm of its creative ‘thinkers’. The intensity of analytical conversations and identification with the project served as inspiration and additional motivation for our employees.”

Horst Möhlenbrock, ATLANTA Aktiengesellschaft

“Dr. Diekhöner and his team helped us greatly in the design and implementation of our Quality Management System. The extensive support throughout all phases of the project – from kickoff meeting to successful certification – had a very lively and skilful touch. We are impressed by the strong motivation and high performance of the team, which is capable of adapting to the context of its business partners and radiate its encouragement and enthusiasm.”

Dr. Horst-Gevert Bellmer, Brauerei Beck GmbH & Co.

“What we enjoyed about the collaboration with Dr. Diekhöner is the fresh and unconventional approach. His young, aspiring team provided us with completely new insights for product and production optimization through a purely functional perspective of the SLK. The methodology of his functional cost analysis and fast project results were convincing. The very high dependability and absolute sincerity of DD Die Denkfabrik is also of essential significance.”

Edwin Häfner, Daimler-Benz AG, Bremen

“I have known Dr. Diekhöner since the mid-1970s and ever since have been greatly interested in his successful practical application of the ‘Konstruktionsmethodik’ method for product development. Jointly with his team, he has given this young science legitimacy in practice through landmark product and process innovations. The pilot function of DD Die Denkfabrik is highly significant in this respect and of direct benefit to related research and science.

Prof. Dr-Ing Dr.-Ing E.h. Wolfgang Beitz, Technical University Berlin


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